A Global Community

“Connecting the world around Ocean Prediction”: we understand Ocean Forecasting as a focal point to foster intercultural dialogue and cooperation towards the Ocean we want.  OceanPrediction DCC constitutes an opportunity offered by IOC-UNESCO to our community to contribute to the required changes to achieve this transformation

A diverse international community

Working together towards the "Ocean we want"

OceanPrediction is a collaborative centre and, as such, we are bringing together an international and diverse community. This includes scientists, users, and applications developers, private and public sector, early carrier and senior professionals, coastal and deep ocean specialists… al collaborating and learning from each other. We will put our worldwide ocean centres and teams on the map and empower them through our global community. 

Building with local experts

Nine Regional Teams

Our community is built around Regional teams that are the voice of OceanPrediction DCC around the globe:











Toward delivering as one

Designed to promote Ocean Forecasting worldwide

All the Regional Teams are open to broad participation and membership in their corresponding regions. They are formed by a broad range of individuals, belonging both to public and private sectors, covering different topics and interests, from science to applications, coastal to open ocean, biological to physical services, etc.

The Regional Teams aim to facilitate collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and advancements in ocean forecasting within their regions while contributing to global objectives. More specifically, they have the following objectives:

  • Promote the implementation and use of Ocean forecasting services in each region for decision-making purposes, technical, policy and legal aspects.
  • Act as regional nodes of the OceanPrediction DCC.
  • Promote ocean literacy and capacity development activities.
  • Promote the development and collaboration of ocean forecasting-related Decade actions in the region.
  • Contribute to technical activities and advocate for regional implementation of Best Practices, Standards and Tools derived from OceanPrediction activity.
  • Identify gaps and ways forward in the regional landscape of ocean forecasting.
  • Collaborate with the other OceanPrediction DCC Regional Teams to create a global network.  

The OceanPrediction DCC Office in Toulouse will encourage the Regional Teams to develop and implement additional innovative ideas, always aligned with the OceanPrediction DCC objectives, and integrated into its activities. 

The future of our Ocean

Hear the voice of the young professionals