Decade Programmes

OceanPrediction Decade Collaborative Centre coordinates Decade Actions related to ocean forecasting and promotes collaboration and co-design at the global level to contribute and support the Ocean Decade. On this page, learn more about some Decade Programmes closely linked with OceanPrediction DCC.

What is the role of a Decade Collaborative Centre

regarding Decade Actions?

Decade Collaborative Centres (DCCs) and Decade Coordination Offices (DCOs) provide dedicated long-term support to coordinate Decade Actions at the regional (i.e. around major Ocean basins) or thematic (i.e. around Decade Challenges) levels. They support Decade Actions with capacity development, communications, tracking of progress and resource mobilisation, as well as catalysing new partnerships and initiatives as part of the Decade. DCCs and DCOs enhance collaboration, promote effective co-design and uptake of science, and optimize the use of resources among the diverse stakeholders that contribute to the Ocean Decade.

Aligned with OceanPrediction DCC

Meet the Programmes endorsed by the UN Decade of Ocean Science


ForeSea's vision is for strong international coordination and community building of an ocean prediction capacity for the future.

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The DITTO programme aims to support ocean protection, governance, and a sustainable Blue Economy through the use of Digital Twins of the Ocean (DTOs).

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By engaging diverse communities of practice, Ocean Practices for the Decade can transform how science and other stakeholders align their interests and capacities, creating and using practices to promote sustainable human and ocean well-being. 

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CoastPredict will redefine the science of observing and predicting the Global Coastal Ocean to help the Ocean Decade succeed in its aims and give us the ocean we need for the future we want.

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Ocean to Climate Seamless Forecasting System programme aims to dramatically improve our forecasting capability for the ocean and climate.

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Ocean Observing Co-Design             

Ocean Observing Co-Design is working with end-users, in collaboration with ocean observing, modelling and forecasting services, to co-design an observing system that can deliver it effectively. 

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A global environment monitoring system that provides relevant open and easily accessible ocean and coastal data, analysis, and information, guiding actions to protect and sustainably use marine and coastal resources. 

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Observational and scientific evidence needed to sustainably identify, monitor, mitigate, and adapt to ocean acidification, from local to global scales. 

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